Windows 7

Improve Your Windows 7 Experience With These Tips

Windows 7 is an operating system that is incredibly popular around the world. You can buy Windows 7 online for great prices if you find a special promotion. You can also purchase Windows 7 Professional version that is great for small and large businesses. There are a few tips you can follow to get the most out of Windows 7.

Windows 7 Helpful Tips

You can improve your laptop’s battery efficiency by using a built-in tool that will analyze your computer and create a report that gives you recommendations for ways to improve power performance. If you use the check boxes to select multiple files, then copying, moving or deleting in Windows Explorer is faster. Protect the privacy of your Internet Explorer searches by turning off the display of recent search entries in the search box. Search Connector allows you to search websites from inside the browser of Internet Explorer.

Keyboard shortcuts will increase your productivity in the workplace or at home. The new software allows you to create a photo slideshow on your desktop. Select multiple images and right click on the desktop and choose Set as Background. The photos chosen will automatically cycle until you choose another setting. You can also add additional clocks from different cities that will display when you hover over the clock.

Speech Recognition

One of the most popular applications found on Windows 7 is speech recognition. Many people use speech recognition to create documents, emails or college essays. Speech recognition is also helpful for people with conditions such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or slow typists. There are two ways to use the speech recognition program that include the ability to interact with the PC using verbal commands instead of the keyboard. The other way is the speech to text program.

Speech dictation takes a little time to get used to when creating documents or emails. You will find the speech recognition tool by going to the Control Panel and selecting “Ease of Access” from the start menu. You will need to set up a microphone before getting started with dictation. Visit the tutorial to improve your dictation skills.

The dictation program will quickly learn your speech patterns and recognize your voice. You can find common commands in the Windows Help and Support tab. You can start using the tool once you have set everything up and went through the training. If you take the time to correct mistakes while you are speaking, then the program will become more efficient in the future. It may seem time-consuming in the beginning, but if you stay with the program, you will see how quickly you can create a document. Learn more about speech recognition with online tutorials.

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