Microsoft Office 2007

Microsoft Office 2007 continues to reign as one of the most-used versions of the popular Office productivity suite. Despite its age, the software remains compatible with practically every email client and software package. Though other Microsoft products such as Office 365 have become widely available, many individual and business users prefer to buy and use the older version. Here, you will discover why.


As an aging version of the industry-standard productivity suite, Office 2007 now sells at a substantially discounted price from some resellers. The low price means that businesses can equip their team members with the software they need while paying a fraction of the cost of recent versions.

Price becomes a significant factor for companies that need to accommodate a growing workforce. If a firm moves to the latest Office version, they must upgrade every workstation, resulting in a substantial cost. If the company sticks with the older Office version, they only need to acquire software licenses for each additional computer. The cost savings can amount to thousands of dollars for a mid-sized company.


New versions of Microsoft Office charge users a monthly or annual subscription fee. Despite the convenience of the Cloud, many corporate and private users just cannot afford to continue paying for software they never will own. When a user buys Microsoft Office 2007, they get a copy they can use forever, without paying another fee. Cloud subscriptions, on the other hand, never end, resulting in an expensive, open-ended commitment.


Microsoft differentiates its Office 365 product from older versions by pointing to its integration with its OneDrive cloud storage service. Office 365 also includes Skype and provides versions that run on Apple and mobile Windows platforms. Companies and individuals who have no need of Skype or the premium version of Microsoft Office mobile apps can save money and time by installing Office 2007.

Ease of Use

People unfamiliar with the new Office ribbon interface and other features of recent version require a protracted learning curve as they adjust to their new environment. Businesses with established Microsoft Office 2007 users can avoid paying for expensive training by choosing to buy the older version rather than investing in the new one.

Buy Microsoft Office 2007 to maintain global document compatibility without stretching your budget for recent releases. When you buy Microsoft Office 2007, you get the powerful features you expect from Office applications without the need to pay for the expensive training required to get up to speed with the latest cloud-based versions.

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