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How to Find the Best Office Printer

Whether you specifically own a business or company or you just want to make sure that your office has the best equipment, shopping for printers is a huge task. Whether it’s a printer for small business or one for a large corporation, these business printers need to do lots of jobs, including printing in many different ways, scanning and working as office photocopiers. Some office printers are also in charge of sending faxes. When it comes to finding the best office printer for your office, use the following guidelines.

Document Blue Square Understand Different Print Technologies

First, remember that there are different technologies that printers use. For example, a colour laser printer is going to be much different than a typical inkjet printer. There are pros and cons to each type of printer. For example, inkjet printers tend to have a low initial cost, but ink can be expensive over time. on the other hand, tone for a colour laser printer will cost less than ink for an inkjet printer, but the initial cost of the laser printer is going to be much higher.

Document Blue Square Know What Features and Specs You Want

Second, you need to determine exactly what type of printer you want for your office in terms of specialized features and bells and whistles. The features that you consider should include print speed, connectivity and resolution.

First, if you have a lot of people in your office who are going to possibly be printing all at once, you’ll need to have a fast print speed unless you want to have huge lines at the printer. Printers for smaller offices and small businesses don’t need to print as fast, so this isn’t a specification that these businesses would necessarily need.

Connectivity is another issue. The best printers will have network connectivity, which means that your employees and yourself will be able to print to these printers wirelessly. Some of these printers can even print wirelessly from across an entire building. On the other hand, smaller businesses should be able to purchase printers that can be used simply with a USB key, and this will make them much less expensive.

Another issue that you should consider when purchasing a new printer for your office is resolution. If you plan on printing a lot of pictures, charts or graphics, you’ll want to have high resolution. Again, this specification will cost more than most other plain printers, but if you are a company that absolutely must print pictures, graphs, charts and other image-based material, this is a feature that you will definitely want to purchase.

In this day and age, having a printer in your office is an absolute necessity. But as you can see, there are many choices that you can make in order to find the best printer for your office. You can learn more by visiting XMA Business Solutions.

Top Microsoft Office 2010 Tips

Still using Microsoft Office 2010? It’s hard to blame you. With the high cost to upgrade to a new version but the 2010 version still working, a lot of consumers are hanging onto the version of Office that came with their PCs. If you plan to stick it out with Office 2010, check out these tips to improve your experience.

Customize Your Ribbon

The ribbon is the toolbar you see at the top of your Office document. By default, this ribbon is already pretty cluttered with shortcuts to a bunch of features that you may or not may not use. Thankfully, it’s completely customizable. You can remove features that you don’t want and add a bunch that are typically disabled by default.

Quick Part

Sometimes there are certain tasks or phrases you use a lot in your writing. With Office 2010, you can set up Quick Part to remember these tasks and phrases to save you time. Using this feature, you can fill out addresses, employee information or greetings. You can access this feature by clicking on the Quick Part option in your ribbon. To make things easier, you can separate your Quick Part entries into different folders.

Save and Send

Just like newer versions of Microsoft Office, the 2010 version works closely with your Windows Live account. One example of this is the Save and Send feature. This command allows you to save your document and send the saved data to your OneDrive account, which used to be called Skydrive. From here, you can easily share your documents with friends, family members or co-workers. This makes collaborating on the same document easy.

File Blocks

One of the big security updates that came along with Microsoft Office 2010 was blocking potentially dangerous files. By default, this program blocks a wide range of files, some of which don’t need to be blocked. One example of this is documents formatted with an older version of Office. When trying to open these documents, the 2010 version opens them in Protect View. This allows you to read the document, but you can’t edit it.

Fortunately, you can change this behavior by visiting the Trust Center under Options in the Backstage area. Here you will see File Block Settings. Clicking on it will bring up a list of file extensions that Office opens in Protect View. Disable all the ones that you wish to open normally.

Don’t give up on your version of Office just yet. Using these tips with the 2010 version can help you extend its life by making it more useful.

Why Automation in IT Management Is Becoming More Pervasive

IT management is becoming more complex and sophisticated than ever. Simply having the right IT monitoring platform and IT management software isn’t enough to curb costs and achieve ideal productivity. Good network administrators demand high salaries and have many responsibilities, so automation is an effective way of maximizing that time and the employer’s investment.

Automated Maintenance

The goal of automated maintenance is to eliminate the need for highly trained and experienced professionals to focus on routine and mundane IT tasks. Such automation can require a significant initial investment. Nevertheless, most businesses are opting for that outlay due to the long-term advantages. The most obvious advantage is the one already mentioned: Your experts can focus on the technical challenges that can benefit the most from human involvement. Other advantages include precision and consistency. Humans are inherently imperfect, but you can count on an IT monitoring platform to perform RMM duties in the same manner and at the same time each day.

Automated Onboarding

Through automated onboarding, companies are able to integrate user interfacing with the new employees who are required to carry out those responsibilities. Many IT departments are so large that they’re integrating new hirers on a weekly basis. By automating the manner in which new IT professionals get acclimated to an environment, you eliminate many of the person-hours that were traditionally required to handle this kind of orientation. You can even have probationary periods and the granting of greater privileges done in a completely automated manner.

Automated Reporting

Remote monitoring and management or RMM is the process of collecting information about a network and the hardware, software and users that it comprises. Automated reporting is the system through which we make this kind of monitoring more useful and powerful. A network administrator can request data when needed and even configure a system to provide reports on a scheduled basis. However, the greatest value of such a service lies in the ability to detect situations that require human attention and to push notification to the administrators who need that information.

Automated Setup

Automated setup is the process through which IT management software can be configured and deployed. Consider a scenario in which a security update required the roll out of an updated app. In a traditional IT environment, this would require significant person-hours and could result in delays and loss of productivity if it was a response to a security issue the team was unprepared for. In an automated environment, the framework is already in place for that new app to be configured and distributed with little or even no administrator involvement.

Microsoft Office 2007

Microsoft Office 2007 continues to reign as one of the most-used versions of the popular Office productivity suite. Despite its age, the software remains compatible with practically every email client and software package. Though other Microsoft products such as Office 365 have become widely available, many individual and business users prefer to buy and use the older version. Here, you will discover why.


As an aging version of the industry-standard productivity suite, Office 2007 now sells at a substantially discounted price from some resellers. The low price means that businesses can equip their team members with the software they need while paying a fraction of the cost of recent versions.

Price becomes a significant factor for companies that need to accommodate a growing workforce. If a firm moves to the latest Office version, they must upgrade every workstation, resulting in a substantial cost. If the company sticks with the older Office version, they only need to acquire software licenses for each additional computer. The cost savings can amount to thousands of dollars for a mid-sized company.


New versions of Microsoft Office charge users a monthly or annual subscription fee. Despite the convenience of the Cloud, many corporate and private users just cannot afford to continue paying for software they never will own. When a user buys Microsoft Office 2007, they get a copy they can use forever, without paying another fee. Cloud subscriptions, on the other hand, never end, resulting in an expensive, open-ended commitment.


Microsoft differentiates its Office 365 product from older versions by pointing to its integration with its OneDrive cloud storage service. Office 365 also includes Skype and provides versions that run on Apple and mobile Windows platforms. Companies and individuals who have no need of Skype or the premium version of Microsoft Office mobile apps can save money and time by installing Office 2007.

Ease of Use

People unfamiliar with the new Office ribbon interface and other features of recent version require a protracted learning curve as they adjust to their new environment. Businesses with established Microsoft Office 2007 users can avoid paying for expensive training by choosing to buy the older version rather than investing in the new one.

Buy Microsoft Office 2007 to maintain global document compatibility without stretching your budget for recent releases. When you buy Microsoft Office 2007, you get the powerful features you expect from Office applications without the need to pay for the expensive training required to get up to speed with the latest cloud-based versions.

Windows 7

Improve Your Windows 7 Experience With These Tips

Windows 7 is an operating system that is incredibly popular around the world. You can buy Windows 7 online for great prices if you find a special promotion. You can also purchase Windows 7 Professional version that is great for small and large businesses. There are a few tips you can follow to get the most out of Windows 7.

Windows 7 Helpful Tips

You can improve your laptop’s battery efficiency by using a built-in tool that will analyze your computer and create a report that gives you recommendations for ways to improve power performance. If you use the check boxes to select multiple files, then copying, moving or deleting in Windows Explorer is faster. Protect the privacy of your Internet Explorer searches by turning off the display of recent search entries in the search box. Search Connector allows you to search websites from inside the browser of Internet Explorer.

Keyboard shortcuts will increase your productivity in the workplace or at home. The new software allows you to create a photo slideshow on your desktop. Select multiple images and right click on the desktop and choose Set as Background. The photos chosen will automatically cycle until you choose another setting. You can also add additional clocks from different cities that will display when you hover over the clock.

Speech Recognition

One of the most popular applications found on Windows 7 is speech recognition. Many people use speech recognition to create documents, emails or college essays. Speech recognition is also helpful for people with conditions such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or slow typists. There are two ways to use the speech recognition program that include the ability to interact with the PC using verbal commands instead of the keyboard. The other way is the speech to text program.

Speech dictation takes a little time to get used to when creating documents or emails. You will find the speech recognition tool by going to the Control Panel and selecting “Ease of Access” from the start menu. You will need to set up a microphone before getting started with dictation. Visit the tutorial to improve your dictation skills.

The dictation program will quickly learn your speech patterns and recognize your voice. You can find common commands in the Windows Help and Support tab. You can start using the tool once you have set everything up and went through the training. If you take the time to correct mistakes while you are speaking, then the program will become more efficient in the future. It may seem time-consuming in the beginning, but if you stay with the program, you will see how quickly you can create a document. Learn more about speech recognition with online tutorials.

Security Guard Software

How Security Guard Management Software Can Save You Money

The security industry is thriving but it’s also competitive and long-standing companies might face threats from newer companies if they aren’t prepared to compete. Security guard management software is playing an increasingly central role in the security industry, but some companies haven’t yet adopted all this software has to offer. Here are a few of the ways security software can save your company money.

Employee Management

One of the core components of modern security software is security guard tracking. This software allows companies to show how their security guards operate, and it can help managers find mistakes their security guards are making. This software also ensures that security guards are making scheduled walks and helps improve employee conduct. In some cases, the reports these programs generate can help managers find ways to monitor more space with fewer security guards, and they’re great for catching employees not fulfilling their duties.

Thorough Incident Documentation

Written reports have long been a mainstay of the security industry, but paper reports have a number of limitations. Many people are better at typing than writing, so computer-based reports are easier to fill out. In addition, incident management systems can ask more questions than are practical to hold on paper. Security guards also don’t have to worry about fitting information within tight spaces. These programs make it easy to archive data, and search functionality makes it easier to find old reports. This can help you spend less time filling out and searching for reports.

Top-Down Management

Managers can operate far more efficiently when armed with security management software. These programs place all important information in an easy-to-access place, which makes retrieving important information easier than searching through cabinets. In addition, they can help managers determine demand and schedule employees most effectively. Programs typically offer reports, and these detailed analyses make it easy to find areas for improvement.

Integration Options

It’s rare to find companies that don’t rely on computers at all, and security firms are no exception. One of the benefits of turning to security management software is being able to integrate the software with other components. Payroll management takes a significant amount of time, but integrating payroll programs with security management programs can save hours of work each week. In addition, many of these programs can also let employees check in and out through their phones, which can save money as well.

The security industry is growing every year. Computers can lead to more efficient business operation, and security companies have a lot to gain by embracing security guard management software. In addition to improved work, these programs also let companies save a significant amount of money, so make sure to check out what these programs have to offer.

Real Estate Agent Software

4 Reasons Why Real Estate Agents Need CRM

Real estate agents who want to succeed in the industry and continue to grow as a professional can take advantage of Real Estate CRM. The tool is increasing in popularity and offers a variety of benefits to agents to improve their workflow. When you want to understand the benefits of CRM, there are a few advantages to consider to boost your productivity.

1. Stay Organized

One of the most common challenges for agents is staying organized with all of the contacts that are obtained from direct mail campaigns, social media, and online advertising websites. CRM stands for customer relationship management, which makes it easy to consolidate information in one place and access it from various devices that are used to access your client database with apps that can be downloaded.

2. Get Instant Feedback

As a real estate agent, it can often be difficult to determine which strategies are most effective. CRM offers instant feedback by tracking click-through rates on links and email open rates, which will allow you to determine the best way to attract more clients and connect with them. Successful agents know they need to experiment to thrive in the industry and CRM makes it easier to do this at a faster rate without trying to guess which methods work.

3. Financial Management

CRM Software makes it easy to create advanced payment and invoices in multiple currencies while importing your bank statements. It will even compose various budget scenarios to assist you with comparing the numbers to profits, revenues, and costs. This will make it easier to avoid common financial mistakes that can occur for a smoother way of tracking commissions that are earned.

4. Stay Connected with Former Clients

Many agents make the mistake of underestimating the importance of staying connected to their former clients. Although clients may not purchase a new home every year, many of them will likely move in the coming years, which can increase the earnings of the agent during their career. 88 percent of buyers said they would use their real estate agent again but only 18 percent end up going back to the professional. This is often due to real estate agents failing to stay connected with their former clients over the years by failing to contact them.

CRM makes it easy to manage the dates of clients’ birthdays or anniversaries to ensure that you can contact them when it’s necessary without overwhelming them with newsletters and emails each week. The potential of CRM is based on the user. If they are naturally unorganized, forgetful, and have many negative traits, they may find that CRM will not magically solve their problems. But for those with the discipline and drive, CRM can very will bring you to the next level especially with combined with other tools and tips. The software provides a high level of real estate contact management, which makes it easy to compose the message ahead of time and sent it on a specific date that you schedule.